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This just in from Kim of Get It Promotions:
“You are dead-on with making the connection being the most important element. Building loyalty. Making the experience one to remember. That’s at the heart of Get It.
In a different context, but just as powerful, I lifted this from a Blog:
‘It’s the sense of touch. I think we miss that touch so much that we crash into each other just so we can feel something.’ – opening line from Crash – Writer/Director, Paul Haggis.
Life can be so sterile sometimes. We go about our business, hum drum. Hiding the ‘Desperate Housewives’-like thoughts that run through our heads (yes, even if you’re male) from those around us.
Wear the mask; because no one really wants to see underneath… they’ve all got their own masks on to hide what they think no one wants to see.
But in the late hours of the night, during a coffee break at work, after dinner, before getting dressed in the morning, the Blog rules.
Reading other people’s Blogs, listening to other people’s troubles, being affected by what we read/see/hear…
Aren’t we all looking for that sense of emotional touch? To connect with someone validates our humanness; makes us feel not so alone in what we’re feeling. Allows us to share in our triumphs.
Is that why I write this Blog?
Is that why you read it?
Real live connections are so rare! Celebrate them.”
It sometimes takes someone else to illustrate how a Blog becomes a Brand. Thanks Kim.

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