Collaboration, Sharing And The New Entrepreneur

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When you think about entrepreneurship, who do you admire?

Names likes Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos come to mind. They are awesome. Their work is inspiring, creative and important. What do you think about Twitter? As powerful? As impressive? As life-changing? It’s a tough call. Regardless of your stance, Ev Williams and Jack Dorsey get a lot of the accolades and attention. A while back, I had the chance to share the stage and spend some time talking to Biz Stone (who is one of the co-founders as well). What’s immediately noticeable is his passion for creativity, asking questions and his humor. All of that comes through brilliantly in his first book, Things a Little Bird Told Me – Confessions of the Creative Mind (we also share the same book publisher). Stone went on to found two other startups that have been garnering a significant amount of attention: Medium and Jelly. In this short, under twenty minute, conversation with Charlie Rose, Stone covers a myriad of interesting concepts and stories that every marketer should pay attention to.

Tweet, tweet, tweet… this is Biz Stone…