Coke Art Bottles – Ain't Nothing Like The Real New Thing

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Coca Cola is describing their new line of experimental and artistic bottles as the Magnificent Five based on the five creative agencies that the company engaged to make Coke cool for young kids.
The Ad Age article, Coke’s Latest Marketing Experiment: Art, runs through the technical execution of this new campaign that includes music, videos and anything else you can imagine to get the club kids and Coke collectors talking about (and hopefully buying more) Coke.
A throwback to an Andy Warhol-esque execution, the first in the series is titled, Love Being.
The brand that Coke has established is beyond belief. What makes the new art Coke plan even that much more fascinating is that if it is a complete failure, odds are it will have no huge bottom-line effect on the brand promise… or the expectation (as Tom Asacker calls it).
That’s the real power of a super-brand… you can experiment and have fun with little financial reprimand. Oh wait, I forgot about that whole New Coke catastrophe.
Check out the Ad Age article here: Coke’s Latest Marketing Experiment: Art.