CMO Magazine Offers Marketers The Basics On Podcasting For Attention

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CMO Magazine features an article called, Podcasting: The Marketer’s Ultimate Give-to-Get by Paul Dunay.
Here’s a sniff of what the article offers:
“Podcasting can be perfect for any considered purchase-high-end products (B2C) or high-end services (B2B). RSS provides the direct pipeline to prospects and customers who have self-selected to get information on topics that interest them. And podcasts perfectly fill that pipe…. With savvy consumers wired into the Internet, it’s no surprise that the travel and entertainment industries are venturing into podcasting. Expedia’s ‘Three Day Weekend-Destination LA’ podcast offers advice, including tips from locals, on how to make the most of a visit to the City of Angels. Podcasts from Fine Wine Press feature interviews with people around the world about making, understanding, tasting and simply enjoying the fruit of the vine.
And there’s more. BMW used podcasts to trumpet innovations it was displaying at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Fidelity Investments offers podcasts on practice management, compliance and other issues for registered investment advisors. Even Revolution Yachts has sailed into podcasting, offering information on its 6.5-meter craft for Mini-Transat racing.”
The article is a pedestrian intro to the world of Podcasting – also known as Audio Instant Personal Publishing – and offers some basic tips on how to get started and what makes a good Podcast.
The challenge with Podcasting is creating enough compelling content and structuring it around a strong script with a supporting voice that works to increase your brand’s expectations and encourages a “you gotta listen to this,” type of response.
Unfortunately, many Podcasts are more reminiscent of 1876 when Alexander Graham Bell uttered “Watson come here, I want you!” into a newly invented telephone. That’s not a bad thing. Look how far Mr. Bell’s telephone has come. Podcasting clearly offers a ton of opportunity.
You can read the article here: CMO Magazine – Podcasting: The Marketer’s Ultimate Give-to-Get By Paul Dunay.