CMO Magazine – The Resource For Marketing Executives

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The June 2005 issue of CMO Magazine was dropped on my desk (thanks Tanya). Dubbed “The Resource For Marketing Executives,” the issue’s cover story is titled, “The Ultimate Bug Fix – Microsoft Reinvents Its Marketing Organization,” by Rob O’Regan.
At first glance, CMO Magazine is solid. Filled with strong features and short tidbits one might think that in this day and age of e-newsletters and Blogs a printed magazine on marketing, of all things, would be fairly outdated by the time ink hits paper and paper hits newsstands.
I subscribed to get my free subscription of CMO Magazine (you can do that by going here: CMO Magazine – Free Subscription) and I also signed up for their e-newsletters. The mag is published by CXO Media (the good people who also bring you CSO and CIO magazines).
If you’re in marketing and want a hybrid between Marketing Magazine and Fast Company, CMO Magazine could be the fix.