CMA 2004 Digital Marketing Conference Wrap-Up

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Both Patrick Keane (Head of Advertising Strategy) from Google and marketing Guru Seth Godin both feel that the true power of Blogs and RSS feeds are still untapped markets and that is the place in which marketers can truly create ideal relationships. Glad to hear it, considering that I covered it as my topic for the What’s Hot: Marketing’s use of Internet Technology session in the afternoon.
It was interesting to hear two very different types of marketers both agree that the more marketers use the internet to cram messages in our faces instead of using it as a true tool to probe, create and retain the best of the best clients that, as expected, it will in all likelihood just turn into another marketing channel instead of its true potential at delivering the ultimate one-to-one relationship.
We’ve been banging at this online marketing component for nearly fifteen years now and it’s still very nascent. Even more so in Canada. The true take-home of the Canadian Marketing Association’s 2004 Digital Marketing Conference? There’s lot of potential for any company, in nearly any vertical, to own the space. There may not be as many people buying online in Canada… yet… but when they do, the question becomes: are you willing to let your competition eat your lunch because you didn’t get in when you should have?
Lots of opportunity – lots of potential – lots for us (and me) to think about!
A special “thank you” to the organizers for inviting me out (especially Laurie and Howard – you’re the best!)