ClickZ Agrees About Vlogs

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I just saw Tessa Wegert‘s Media Buying column today on ClickZ called, Vlogs: Richer Rich Media?
As posted here on Tuesday, Video Blog – Next Up, it would seem that Tessa agrees with the immense potential:
“As marketers’ obsession with online video advertising grows, what better time to introduce a placement that unifies the power of video with the value of blogs? By inserting unique, unconventional ad messages into video clips on vlogs, marketers may just be able to take both video and blog advertising to the next level.”
She continues: “If vlogs take off as expected, it’s likely only a handful will accept advertising or provide enough traffic volume to make a placement worthwhile. Whether blog readers will tolerate the more intrusive video advertising also remains to be seen. If they do, the Internet industry may be singing the praises of yet another new online ad format by this time next year.”
Another publishing channel. Anyone surprised?
To see a similar and cool use of video on the web, I would also encourage you to check out iMedia Connection and their iMedia Video (top right-hand side of the homepage) – great integration (thanks for the tip Howard).