Citizen Marketers Co-Author – Jackie Huba – Appears On The Next Six Pixels Of Separation Podcast

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I just got off the phone with Jackie Huba – co-author (along with Ben McConnell) of Citizen Marketers – When People Are The Message and Creating Customer Evangelists. Huba also Blogs over at the always great, Church Of The Customer. I was lucky enough to get some time with Huba as she will be one of the keynotes at the upcoming CMA – Canadian Marketing AssociationWord of Mouth Marketing Conference called, From Mass To Grass, which is taking place in Toronto on Thursday, April 12th, 2007.
From Mass To Grass will also feature Kyle MacDonald of One Red Paperclip fame. You might remember Kyle as the Montreal-based guy who started a Blog to see if he could trade his one red paperclip all the up to a house. Now, a proud resident of Kipling, Saskatchewan, Kyle is going to share his remarkable word-of mouth story. There are countless other luminaries and digerati on tap for the Mass To Grass event, so be sure to check it all out here: CMA – From Mass To Grass – Word Of Mouth Marketing Conference (full disclosure: I sat on the organizing committee for this conference).
My interview with Jackie Huba also took on an interesting social media life of its own. I had sent a micro-Blog post through Twitter letting the community know that I was about to interview Huba and opened up the Twitter-floor to some questions. Within minutes, there were a handful-plus of some great questions and I managed to not only ask Huba for her thoughts but also introduced her to Twitter.
I was actually quite amazed by how fast of a response there was to my Twitter post. I know that commenting on a Blog post seemed like such a simple and quick task, but now, after drowning myself in Twitter for the past little while, it’s becoming clearer how powerful Twitter can be for instant community feedback.
Listen for the interview with Jackie Huba on episode #43 of Six Pixels Of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast, which should be posted sometime on Sunday, March 18th, 2007.