CBS Goes After YouTube With Innertube

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This is cool on so many levels. I love the fact that a major broadcaster is creating a unique broadband/online channel. I love the fact that they are playing off of the brand (and popularity) of YouTube. I love the fact that it’s also a very cool name – CBS launches Innertube.
Innertube will fall within the domain and is a true broadband channel that supports their current broadband initiatives for their sports and news properties.
You can read the news-type details about Innertube here: MediaPost’s Online Media Daily – CBS Launches Broadband Entertainment Channel.
Innertube is going to have “short-form programs… extensions of CBS shows like Survivor… entire prime-time episodes after they have aired… CBS classics like I Love Lucy… sketch comedy.”
But, here’s what got me all hot and bothered:
“The platform will also act as an alternative programming option for CBS shows that couldn’t cut the mustard on its network, like the ill-fated comedy-drama Love Monkey. With innertube, CBS ‘can tap into narrower but very aggressive audiences,’ CBS Digital Media President Larry Kramer explained.”
Remember my post on Slivercasting?
The bigger news for brand people is the true power of YouTube. CBS had an opportunity to name this channel whatever they liked. As a new online video portal, CBS decided to align this offering with the YouTube brand because of its strength and emotional attachment to consumer generated content and the world of online video.