Can You Hear Me Now?

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Access is still the issue.

Being connected is everything.

I’ve been thinking a lot about technology, mobile and where this is all going from a Marketing perspective.

I think we’re not going anywhere until we resolve the issue of connectivity. I don’t care if it’s WiMAX, Edge networks or anything else, but being connected needs to become ubiquitous like radio. We need it everywhere.

It’s also not enough for it to just be everywhere. It needs to be everywhere and it needs to be fast.

I’m seeing more and more mobile devices that are wi-fi enabled. Recently, Nokia sent me the N810 Internet Tablet. It’s not a phone – just the Internet. And here’s the thing: I love it when I’m in an area with wireless access. When I’m not in a hotspot, I hate it – because it’s a brick.

It fascinates me that when you think about the power of the Internet and what mobile devices can do, the availability of high speed access everywhere is the last barrier for taking this media to the next level. I used to look at devices like laptops and mobile phones and see the limitations in the hardware. Seeing new devices like the Nokia N810, Apple‘s iPhone and even my Sony Vaio ultra-portable laptop demonstrates to me that the hardware is there… all we need is high speed access everywhere.

I know there’s a net neutrality comment for this type of talk too, but I’ll save that for another time.

With true wireless everywhere, just imagine the possibilities.


  1. yeah you are definitely right…we already have those things in hand only there are still limitations where we can’t use it the way we want it to…

  2. It’s true. There hasn’t been any real leaps in solving this problem either. I think it’s still in the growth stage, and in a year from now everyone will be screaming that this is a serious problem. It also brings to attention things like Google Gears, or how the company wants to bring that free Wi-fi everywhere to San Fransisco.

  3. I now have UMTS flatrate because WIFI esp. here in Aachen/Germany seems not to be that widespread (although it really does not cost much to e.g. provide it in cafes).
    But the bad thing is: If you need it it does not work. At least usually.
    When I was on the train to Berlin last November for Web 2.0 Expo, OpenSocial was just released and I wanted to get the details. Of course UMTS on the train did not work and that train direction did not have WIFI either. Even at the trainstation where T-Mobile usually has hotspots nothing worked. We even stayed a bit at the Berlin station to check email etc. but to no avail.
    Thus I think we really have a long road ahead (unfortunately).

  4. High speed wireless access is slowing rolling out from Rogers on their 3G network.
    In about 5 years we’ll see a convergence of technology (CDMA and GSM) with the roll out of a 4G – or 4th generation network.
    4G is the holy grail of high speed wireless…although a nationwide 3G network will be like going from dialup to broadband lite.
    With a fourth carrier coming to Canada within 18 months and both Telus & Bell thinking about a move to GSM, we could see accelerated progress in Canada over the next 18 months

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