Can You Face Your Own Tweets?

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It’s an old bit.

For the seventh time, Jimmy Kimmel, enlists a whole bunch of celebrities to read the terrible things that people have tweeted about them on Twitter. Hilarity ensues (and, it’s not safe for work). You will laugh. You will cringe. And, while I’m one of those people who hates it when anyone attempts to dissect humor or relate it to something serious, I will. There are often times when I see something online, and I feel like taking a jab (or right hook) at someone (some famous… some not). I step away from the keyboard. I don’t do it. Not because I had seen this segment before, but I do ask myself if I would be willing to say whatever it is that I was going to blog, tweet or post to that individual’s face. More often than not, I realize that it could be (at worst) hurtful and (at best) hurtful. Why bother? As great as social media is, many people hide behind it. For my dollar, I love social media because it engenders the opportunity for a real interaction between real individuals. Because of that, I’m not willing to publish anything that I wouldn’t be comfortable saying to someone’s face.

Get ready to laugh… and cringe…