Calling All Stations – The Power Of Voice Branding

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When our (sometimes) beloved Montreal Expos left our fair city. When the hockey lockout shut-out our city from a forthcoming winter of warm sporting memories. It got me thinking. Firstly, I’m not a sports guys, so it doesn’t really effect me, but then it struck me hard and it stung too.
I’ve given countless workshops on how to create an elevator pitch, how to network and what counts when it comes to branding and making your impression count.
There’s a real power in what I’ll call “voice branding” and we don’t acknowledge it in our complex visual world. When I was sitting down to write this entry, it struck me how many more times we’re “branding” Twist Image through the power of voice over and above all other mediums.
What is the price, cost and profit of NOT having the word “Montreal” in every newspaper (ok, it may be in the sports section but was still there nearly every day) now that the Expos will not be making news and it looks like the skates have been traded for hot destinations this coming hockey season? What does that cost our country, province and city in terms of immeasurable branding and tourism?
I know I must have dropped (branded?) Twist Image more than a handful of times today in just my regular business, personal and community activities. When you call the office someone (and they better be happy!!) always says “Welcome to Twist Image, how can I help you?” And it’s there on our voicemail and people refer us clients by our name and so on and so on.
Voice Branding. Can you measure the power? Does it depend on the source? Regardless, I would reason that it’s the highest, most frequent and powerful form of branding known to us (and most of the time we’re not even aware of it!). It also adds a new dimension when you’re pre-start-up and thinking about your nomenclature (but that’s for another Blog entry).