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On Google. Do it now. Do it before your competition does. Too late. Maybe. You see advertising is a “young man’s game.” You need to stay fresh, agile and ahead of the pack. If you were someone looking to buy from your company, what words would you type into a search engine to find you? (confused?)
Advertising is becoming personal. It’s not just about one-to-one. This is about a personal war for your space. Before there were only so many fronts that the war was fought on: print, television, radio, outdoor… now it’s everywhere and growing.
What’s your plan for narrowcasting, wireless, RSS feeds, Blogs, search engines, email, satellite radio, specialty cable channels, micro-sites?… and on and on and on.
If you think sitting around and planning for the future is the right path, you’ve just mis-stepped. The future… that’s so yesterday. The real stuff is happening now. As I type this.
They want to buy from you. They want to join your brand. They want to tell everyone they know about you.
Are you making it easy for them to “just do it?”
I love people who rant and rave about their marketing and branding acumen. You know, the same kind of people who think they need to think about “integrating” online with their offline – or they just repeat that past sentence because it sounds like something they think their clients will want to hear.
How do you define marketing? How do you think?
This is the ramblings of someone who has been too awake for too long on airplanes that need to be de-iced on runways that need to be shoveled clear for take-off.
Prepare for takeoff…

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  1. Brandemics
    Mitch has been talking about Google Ads importance.
    I’m reading Malcom Gladwell’s Blink . “Thin-slicing” is a concept that Gladwell introduces about the perceptions we make outside of our conscious mind that lead to instinctive or gut reactions th…

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