BusinessWeek Magazine Puts MySpace On The Cover

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This could be the second largest investment into online ideas since someone thought that a sock puppet and added shipping charges were a strong business model to sell pet food online. BusinessWeek Magazine’s cover story for the December 12, 2005 issue is: The MySpace Generation – The live online. They buy online. How companies are reaching them.
This BusinessWeek article provides in-depth reporting and numbers into the world of online social networking and how young people (unlike us old folk) have a very blurry life when it comes to online versus offline. The argument goes that they are always, somehow, online. This includes components of Blogging and portals like MySpace which are second-generation versions of Geo Cities and the like. It also speaks to the potential power in mobile marketing as their cell phones become more like a personal remote for their lives as opposed to a mere voice communication tool.
The full article is available here: BusinessWeek Magazine – The MySpace Generation.
If you’re into marketing, you better be reading this.