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I need your help… and my timeline is tight. 

In just 3 days (this coming Saturday) I will participate in Light The Night Walk to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada. This has been a tradition since October 2011. I do this to honor my best friend’s daughter, Leah. She battled leukemia at the age of five and (thankfully) lived to tell about it. I also do this to honor those who were not as fortunate. Sadly, I know too many people who are not with us – from young children of friends to friends’ parents.

I am just a humble servent in this battle… please consider sponsoring me for this walk. It’s easy… just click here.

Back in 2010, my best friend called to let me know that his five year old daughter, Leah, had cancer… leukemia. My world collapsed. A few weeks prior she was at my kid’s birthday party, laughing, playing… perfect. Now… leukemia? It was – without a question – one of the hardest moments in my life… trying to understand, and take in what my best friend was telling me about his daughter. I went into a tailspin. Leah’s courage throughout her nightmare is what pulled everyone through – family and friends. If there were ever a definition for the word “survivor” it is Leah. After a lengthy and hard battle, she is – thankfully – in remission. This year she started High School.

Why am I asking you to help me in support of this noble cause

I do my best to put out lots of content every week. This makes it over five thousand entries over the years. This isn’t about me raising money. It’s about our kids and the randomness and cruelty that is leukemia and because none of us are safe.

Please help.

I set a goal of $10,000 to raise from friends and family (and we’re VERY close!). I do realize that times are tough, and many of us are watching our wallets just a little bit closer than we usually have, but please consider giving something. If over the years, any of my content has struck a chord with you, made you smile, made you see your business world in a different way, I hope that you will consider this ask as the “tip jar” for my thoughts.

Thank you, kindly…

In case you did not know, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada is waging war on blood cancers, and making a huge difference. Survivals rates continue to increase.