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There is something about reading a complete business book (cover to cover) that can’t be matched by Blogs, magazines or newspaper articles. So, here’s a challenge/opportunity…

Many years ago I started the Montreal Business Book Club. It was a monthly gathering by local professionals from various backgrounds to foster more literacy and networking within the business community. It was a fairly simple process: once a month, I chose a business book and we held a meet-up in my (or someone else’s) boardroom from 5-7 pm to discuss the book. There were usually 10 – 20 participants per session and the beauty of it was that you could come just once, all of the time, or join a specific conversation based on which business book interested you the most on any particular month. It worked well and the strategic by-product of the monthly gatherings were that they forced me to read a lot more than anticipated. Shortly after that, I morphed the local gathering into an audio podcast titled, Foreword Thinking, where I would have conversations with some of the leading business and motivational book authors. After several months of creating episodes, I realized that the content from Foreword Thinking is equally applicable to those who listen to the Six Pixels of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast, so I stopped producing Foreword Thinking.

While the content lived on, the real-life meetings stopped… and they were missed.

Those real-world meet-ups are were not just about reading a business book or shuffling business cards across the table, they became real events where people connected, shared their business challenges, acted as peer mentors, learned together and, ultimately, became lifelong friends. It was valuable and it helped grow business.

Here’s the opportunity:

If you’re interested, pull a group of your peers together in a room, have them buy my book, Six Pixels of Separation, connect with me prior to finalizing the date and I’ll do everything I can to try and join in on your discussion of the book (either by phone or via Skype). If I am anywhere near where your event is taking place, I will even try to be there in person. This is an opportunity for all of us (and those who you are connected to who may be on the fence about growing their business through these digital marketing channels) to really get down to business and have conversations about what’s happening in our brave new world, and what you (and your business) can do about it (right now).

For those who think they can pull together an even bigger-sized audience for a dialogue (though, I would caution that the larger the group, the harder it is to get a great conversation going), you can also secure a better price for a bulk-rate book buy via the kind folks at 800-CEO-Read (just ask me how).

So, what are you waiting for? Why not become a local leader in your business community and start your own Business Book Club?

(note: if you already have an existing book club – that you organize or participate in – of any nature and are interested in reviewing Six Pixels of Separation, this offer stands as well).


  1. I’ve attended your recent speak with the Longboard group and I enjoyed hearing your thoughts on topics covered in your book and beyond.

  2. Hey Mitch–Great idea!
    I’m co-organizer of the Ottawa social media book club. We’re on a bit of a hiatus right now, but I’d love to cover Six Pixels of Separation for an upcoming meetup (mostly because I REALLY want to read it and the book club is the best way for me to get around to reading!)
    Anyway, please let me know if you’re planning on being in Ottawa any time in the not-so-distant future, and we’ll work around that… Otherwise I’ll let you know when we do meetup and I’d love to have you involved in one way or another.

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