Building A Next Generation Company

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It’s easy to think about Google, Apple or Twitter when you think about what a "next generation" company might look like. You might even be more surprised that Cisco is not only thinking a lot about that exact topic, but actually living it, right here and now.

The video below is not for your every day, average Blog reader or half-paying-attention business professional or entrepreneur. To really get the guts of this fascinating presentation, you’re going to have to sit through the whole hour. It is time well spent. John Chambers is the President and CEO of Cisco Systems. If you’ve never spent much time reading or researching Cisco and Chambers, check out this Fast Company article: How Cisco’s CEO John Chambers is Turning the Tech Giant Socialist.

The following presentation is titled, Building the Next Generation Company: Innovation, Talent, Excellence. It was recorded in October of last year at MIT and is part of an amazing website called, MIT World:

(hat tip: Hugh McGuire).


  1. I worked my way through the video and found it very valuable. “Everything we’re doing is around social networking” sums it up quite well.
    Lots of good bits throughout the video.
    thanks for posting

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