Breakfast With Joseph Jaffe

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The IAB Canada – Interactive Advertising Bureau – held a very small breakfast event this morning that featured Joseph Jaffe (of Jaffe Juice fame, Author of Life After The 30-Second Spot and co-Podcaster from Across The Sound) as part of an open discussion on the state of interactive. We all chatted over breakfast at the Ritz Carlton here in downtown Montreal. Jaffe was in town because he spoke the previous day at the InfoPresse Internet Day.
Jaffe has cutting insights as he literally fizzes with new advertising ideas and models with different directions for marketers to think about. After five minutes of listening to him, it becomes abundantly clear how far behind most media and marketing agencies are in correlation to consumers.
Jaffe’s concepts seem like the perfect bridge to bring them back together.
He sees many opportunities in the advertising space (and he refers back to his book, Life After The 30-Second Spot, quite frequently in terms of more detailed accounts and examples) as he runs through the idea of TV advertising on demand (choosing the types of commercials you would like to see), a click-to-full-screen banner advertising space and even insights into why the search bubble has already busted (hint: it is ubiquitous).
Unfortunately, I had to bug out early but was very much intrigued to see how deep Jaffe goes down the rabbit hole. My copy of Life After The 30-Second Spot is on route (Amazon willing).
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