Branding And Design Makes You Money

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It’s a fact. Industry was built on quality and price. It’s now about design. I’m not stating this as any form of original comment. Others – much greater than I – have said the same thing and probably much more eloquently. But here are some reasons.
– iPod versus MP3 Players
– Ziplock versus plastic bags
– Google versus search engines
– Harley Davidson versus motorcycles
– Kenneth Cole versus men’s clothing
– Coke versus soda pop
– Disneyland versus amusement parks
– Tide versus laundry detergent
– Absolut versus vodka
– versus e-Commerce
– McDonalds versus fast food chains
There are so many. They all say and prove the same point. It’s about how people feel about it in the end. It’s about how much more they want from you. It’s about who they tell. It’s about how they talk about it. It’s about doing work that matters. It’s about building a business you can be proud of because others are proud to be a part of it.
It’s about a question a very smart man asked me on the phone today: “what do you want it to say on your tombstone when you’re gone?”
What are they going to say about your brand should it all end right now?