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You can view my first Blog posting for One Degree here: Blog Stress – The New Writer’s Block.
I will be updating the Twist Image Blog whenever I post to One Degree.
One Degree – Where Canadian Internet Marketers Gather – is a Blog initiative by Ken Schafer who is based out of Toronto. We met at the last CMA – Canadian Marketing Association – National Conference and Trade Show. Ken and I have very similar feelings about technology and marketing and who doesn’t need multiple places to kvetch?
Here how One Degree describes what they do:
“One Degree is the central gathering place for Canadian Online Marketers. Industry veteran Ken Schafer has pulled together a growing roster of industry insiders including Amanda Maltby, Bill Sweetman, June Macdonald, and Stefan Eyram.
Each day One Degree comments on what you as a Canadian online marketer need to know. We cover all aspects of online marketing and offer in-depth analysis, commentary, best practices, real-life experiences, and general insights from our time online. In addition we read the feeds and filter the mailing lists to make sure that you get all the links that matter.
Our long-term goal is to make this the definitive and central resource for all Canadian marketers looking to understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to online marketing.”
Thanks for your patience and friendship Ken.