1. thanks Mitch. great point to think about when learning. It is funny how many new things are derived from the classics. What are the classics you go back to for marketing, branding, and relationship building?

  2. Well, to be honest, I was following a lot of those bloggers in the early years.. and most of it is still kicking around my head.. but, and this is an important but.. when I see a headline like “Blog Secrets Revealed” I usually turn away.. cause its like..
    #1 Its like new people trying to pretending they are gurus
    #2 I’ve been into social media since 04, so most of the stuff I’ve heard before, and I was bored to tears by it a few years back!
    So, why did I click on your twitter link to this post? Well, cause you’re Mitch freaking Joel, and you have awesome content that isn’t just the rehashing of the same old content! So I figure even if you’re using a lame blog tittle post… there’s a statistically higher probability of there being something worth while in there…
    But alas, you let me down Mitch! Well.. accept for the part where you curate those old blog posts.. that I’ll have to give a look see to.. πŸ˜‰

  3. Thanks Mitch. I really enjoyed #9… Often I find myself working angles outside of my home base too much and not focusing on the ‘if’ and ‘when’ a social media outlet goes cold.
    The video has helped me rethink some of my strategies moving forward in the coming year.

  4. Thanks for those links I was just thinking the other day on how I should be improving my writing if I want to find work in the new world….

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