Blog… Radio Silence

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There is lots to talk about… do not be mistaken. But between prepping for my business trip for Europe, catching up on business and too much to read, I’ve been lacking with my Blog posting enthusiasm. That being said, it’s interesting how my “need” to Blog sits with me (like when you have to do the laundry or you’re going out Commando-style). Oh, the pressure.
During the flight tonight I am hoping to catch up on several posts that include my new addiction to G4-TechTV (especially the shows, Call For Help and The Screen Savers), some thoughts on the Canadian Marketing Association and some upcoming live speaking engagements. All that and hopefully some more insights on the news of the week in our wonderful world of marketing.
P.S. – Did anyone catch the latest season of The Apprentice? I’m out. I just can’t watch it anymore.
This season it’s Book Smarts versus Street Smarts and their first activity was to choose the newest Burger King sandwich, to launch it and then work a franchise. Did you happen to watch both “brilliant” teams grapple with how to handle the marketing and PR? Did you see what they came up with? So let me get this straight: you went to Harvard for your MBA or you graduated high school and hit the streets, and the best plan you can come up with is a contest to win a trip to Las Vegas? It hurts.