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This is one of the stranger emails I have ever received. It is from Bacon’s Information, which is a database that PR folks use.
Check this out:
“Dear Mr. Mitch Joel
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I am writing from Bacon’s Information, a national source of media information for corporations and public relations professionals. We are asking for your help in updating our blog database by completing the following survey. This information will assist us in updating your FREE listing in Bacon’s online media databases and print directories. Feel free to also include any contact preferences you have, including what types of information you would or would not like to receive from public relations professionals. You may reply to this e-mail, fax your updated information to 123-456-789 or contact us at any time at [email protected]. Please contact me with questions or comments.
Thank you.”
It gets better. Here are some of the questions:
– What is the primary reason you blog?
To document my opinions on topics I am interested in
I am a recognized authority in my field
Want to open up dialog with others interested in the same topics
– Would you like product samples from companies in order to evaluate products on your blog?
– When receiving press releases from a Company, PR Firm or Government Agency which message are you likely to find the most reliable?
PR Firm
Government Agency
Most Bloggers love getting press releases. That’s why we do it.
There is a major problem with PR. It’s broken. Very broken. Those who are doing it well are reaping the rewards. The sad fact is, most people are not… and this is what happens. I’m being asked if they can communicate with me via fax.