Bill Clinton Invented The Internet

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OK, maybe Bill Clinton did not invent the Internet. After all, it was Al Gore (we all know that). But, Clinton truly believes, understands and works in the Internet age – even from a marketing perspective.
During his presentation yesterday at The Power Within, Bill Clinton kept referring to the power of the Internet and how it is, and will continue to be, one of the strongest forces in helping our world progress.
We all know that the Internet has changed the rules. Clinton pointed out how the SARS epidemic was quelled faster because people in China had access to the Internet and, via email, engaged the government to act quickly. He also spoke about the power of campaign donations online and how both parties benefited by this new opportunity for individuals to make small contributions that amounted to changing the landscape of how elections work.
He spoke of messaging and how because the Internet is easy and user-friendly we are now able to mobilize people who are empowered even if they don’t have a ton of money.
You see, small is the new big (to borrow an over-used cliché) and the Internet is power. Because we have this power, we have an obligation (Clinton’s word but paraphrased by me). I think Clinton is right and because of this obligation, we’re seeing that marketers have to deal with a landscape that is not customer-centric but customer created.
After hearing all of this from the former President, I am truly keyed up to hear what people say tomorrow at the 2005 Digital Marketing Conference.

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