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Sir Martin Sorrell is currently the CEO of WPP Group (the world’s second largest advertising holding company). They employ 100,000 people with over 2,000 office in over 100 companies. Sorrell was on Charlie Rose yesterday evening. It’s a great watch…

Digital Marketers: note his comments around 11:00 minutes in on new media (including mobile).

(hat-tip Dror Zaifman).

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  1. Surprised nobody has commented on this video as it has been truly insightful. Thanks Mitch!
    Everyone should definitely pay even more attention to digital or new media if Sir Martin Sorrell of WPP Group notices the importance of this media.
    He spent a lot of time in this interview talking about search (google) and how overall the advertising industry is changing. It is a good thing that a powerful ad man such as Sorrell understands the importance of not ignoring emerging and growing media.
    I believe it is now the job of marketers to experiment and not be afraid of change as Sir Sorrell also points out. Experimenting with new media while being in a cushy high position that it took you long to get to might be difficult but nevertheless it is what will drive markets to their own growth.
    Thanks once again… will be sharing this video!
    P.S. Mitch, you probably have the best designed blog I seen. It is all in the details, from the custom icons to layout. It is a pleasure to drop by here.

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