Better Ways To Get Inspired

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Need some inspiration? Try this…

  • Read old copies of MAD Magazine (from the late seventies and eighties, preferably).
  • Watch a documentary about something you know nothing about (try Helvetica or Art & Copy).
  • Go for a long walk without music (if you must listen to music, try classical or jazz – something very old without vocals).
  • Start writing. In a notebook. With a pen. Anything. Just start.
  • Watch a live concert on YouTube featuring an artist who you know is dealing with stuff (try this: The Tragically Hip – Woodstock 1999).
  • Find your inner peace (check out Headspace).
  • Go for breakfast with someone who was a friend in high school, that you haven’t seen since.
  • Play with your kids in the park (if you don’t have kids of your own, ask to tag along with a friend or family member). Try the slides and the swings. 
  • Read anything by Seth Godin or Tom Peters.
  • Wake up an hour earlier to stretch, exercise or journal… or all three (15 minutes each).
  • Take a course on drawing or photography (try Skillshare).
  • Subscribe to Austin Kleon‘s e-newsltter and anything from PSFK
  • Drink a great cup of coffee in the morning… slowly.

Now, it’s you turn… list off how you get inspired below…