Being Featured In AdRants Is The Advertising Industry Equivalent Of Being Featured In People Magazine

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Jaw dropped.
That’s about the only way to describe the feeling I had when I saw this post: Holiday Cards See Nostalgic Twist over at AdRants. Steve Hall runs one of the coolest sites/Blogs on advertising. Hands down. Each day AdRants is primed with insights, commentary and humor that truly is a reflection of the advertising, marketing and communications industry (and no, I’m not just saying that because we got featured).
Everyone at Twist Image is especially pleased with this line:
Lee Hopkins claims this is the best Christmas card he’s ever seen. While we think those are strong words, we’re inclined to agree…”
All of this is based on the Twist Image holiday greeting that went out late last week. It all started with a customized card that says on the front, “How do you ask a Ninja for a free hug?” Inside the card is a holiday greeting from Twist Image with the tagline, “Laugh, smile, share and enjoy” along with a link to:
At the Share 2006 website, there is a rundown of the best viral videos of the year (as chosen by the team at Twist Image). We also enabled people to comment and share the videos.
David Jones over at PR Works also gave us some cool love: Son Of Best Christmas Card Ever.
You can also check out the AdRants posting here: Holiday Cards See Nostalgic Twist.
Happy Holidays from everyone at Twist Image, Go ahead – Share 2006.
(thanks Steve).


  1. Mitch,
    I just checked out the card over from Neville’s blog and it is spectacular. Great concept. Very nice execution. Well Done! Please pass my compliments to your team. Really.

  2. Dear Mitch –
    It was indeed a fun card and we all enjoyed the free hugs around the office.
    A little tough love however – my favorite card of the season came with a book of matches from the team at Rethink in Vancouver. I don’t know whether it was just ‘warm’ holiday greetings or a sustainable ploy to strike up a toasty fire made of Xmas card greetings.
    Either way, it was memorable, and connected with everyone. Whether you are connected or not.
    All the best for the holidays –

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