BarCamp Nashville 2007 – Feature Video

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I just caught a glimpse of this movie all about BarCamp Nashville 2007.
It brought back some great memories. It’s under five minutes, but it really captures the spirit and energy of what is happening through these online social networks and how we are connecting, creating and sharing.
You can grab it here: StudioNow – BarCamp Nashville 2007 – Featured Movie or watch it here:

I did not live through the Sixties, but something tells me that it must have been like what these people emote in the video. I also see these unconferences as a new kind of revolution. I felt that even more after watching this video.
I feel much more alive and in touch with what a global community really means.
For all the naysayers who think being online means isolation and lack of human contact, watch this movie… and then decide.


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