BarCamp Montreal Coming Soon And CaseCamp Update

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While I was dragging my feet in getting a BarCamp Montreal or DemoCamp Montreal rolling, it looks like Fred Ngo and Jean Jacques Taoko have taken the self-organizing lead and the roles of Organizers for BarCamp Montreal. The wiki is all set up and people are already registering and showing interest. There is no fixed date, but they’re looking at Fall 2006 on a Saturday in the Downtown Montreal vicinity. You can visit the wiki here and get self-organizing: BarCamp Montreal.
Here’s how the wiki describes BarCamp:
“BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees.
All attendees must give a demo, a session, or help with one. All presentations are scheduled the day they happen. Prepare in advance, but come early to get a slot on the wall.
Presenters are responsible for making sure that notes/slides/audio/video of their presentations are published on the web for the benefit of all and those who can’t be present.
Anyone with something to contribute or with the desire to learn is welcome and invited to join.
No spectators, only participants!
When you come, be prepared to share with barcampers. When you leave, be prepared to share it with the world.”
BarCamp is geared at those interested in “Web 2.0 technology, or high-tech entrepreneurship in general.”
While we’re at it, the first Marketing Unconference, CaseCamp, has its Montreal date closely approaching. CaseCamp Montreal is set for July 4th, 2006 here at Twist Image. I am still hoping that someone will come forward and present a marketing case study in French. As of this morning, we have close to 40 participants.
CaseCamp Montreal got some great feedback yesterday from Joseph Jaffe on his Across The Sound Podcast – Episode #38. He aired a Carcast audio comment I had left regarding CaseCamp and gave his own impressions on this new unconference format. Check it out here: Across The Sound – Episode #38.
Awesome stuff.
Get self-organizing here: CaseCamp Montreal.
I love a good Long Tail Riot.