Bank Of Montreal Monday Update

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My Blog posting from Saturday, Seth Godin Is Right – Bank Of Montreal Does Not Care, talked about the complete lack of care and customer service that I was getting from the Bank Of Montreal. I ended my post about the Bank Of Montreal by saying: “I’m curious to see what my Bank Of Montreal Branch Manager does come Monday.”
I received several emails from people wanting to know what the Bank Of Montreal did.
Well, it’s Monday. I got a voice mail from one of the Bank Of Montreal’s employees (not my Branch Manager) and the answer was simple: there is nothing they can do.
I even called the phone company (whom I accidentally sent the payment to) and they said that the Bank Of Montreal still has the money and they have yet to receive it. So now, all I can do it wait ten to fifteen business days as the Bank Of Montreal performs an “investigation” because I clicked on the wrong tab.
Seth Godin was right. They don’t care. They don’t have to.
I really liked the Bank Of Montreal. I’m switching to Scotia Bank. From what I hear they care. They have to… probably because places like the Bank Of Montreal don’t.
Too bad.


  1. My own complaint against BMO? Their irritatingly politically-correct commercial of the female boxer slamming the big white guy. If it was the other way around, the feminists would be up in arms.
    Boycott BMO!

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