Authors In Quarantine Getting Coffee

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OK, that’s not the real name.

The real name of the show is Authors In Quarantine Getting Cocktails and the host, Douglas Burdett, describes his new podcast as: 

“a (hopefully) short-lived series of fun conversations with past guests on The Marketing Book Podcast. They’ll share a cocktail and talk about life in isolation, virtual work challenges and the future of sales and marketing in a post-pandemic world.”  

The problem is: I don’t drink. Ever. Not even a glass of wine. Plus, Douglas likes to record this show at night. I go to bed early. This wasn’t going well. I wanted to be on the show (and like Douglas – a lot). He was one of the first people that got behind my first book, Six Pixels of Separation, back before it was even released in 2009. So, we had some back and forth, and agreed that we would record in the morning (and I would be having coffee). That’s the photo you’re seeing above. I laugh every time I see that mug. Someone sent it to my office years ago. I wish I could remember who sent it, why they sent it and more. I’m also wearing a t-shirt from one of my favorite writers, thinkers, spoken word performers, musician and journalist, Henry Rollins (just to stay on the author theme).

We talked business. We talked marketing. We talked books. We talked writing. We talked.

Grab a cup of something and enjoy the listen…