Are You Insignificant Or A Real Leader?

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Have you read the book Sapiens – A Brief History Of Humankind?

It’s a huge “wow!” moment. Promise. Homo Sapiens rule the planet, right? How did that happen? According to author Prof. Yuval Noah Harari we were nothing more than insignificant apes in a corner of Africa a mere seventy thousand years ago. So, what happened?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to read the book, if you’ve got enough on your plate (but, you should).

Humans were like the other animals on earth… then, something happened. Would you agree or disagree with the notion that humans dominate planet earth? We’ve spread to every continent, and what we do has a direct correlation to all of the other animals (and some would say, the Earth itself). How did we get here? Well, Sapiens and Harari suggest a very surprising reason for the rise of humanity. So, if that has not piqued your interest to read the book, I’ll ask that you watch this fascinating TED Talk with Yuval Noah Harari on why humans run the world…