Are You Clubhouse Curious? Join Us This Morning…

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Have you been following the Clubhouse buzz?

If you’re curious about what Clubhouse is (and if it’s worth you’re time), you can feel free to join Rahaf Harfoush, Laura Gassner Otting and me for a special event titled: Thinkers∞ – A Clubhouse Conversation For Big Idealists. In this event, we are pulling together a gathering on Clubhouse of fellow business/non-fiction authors, professional speakers, thinkers, strategists, and big idealists to discuss ways to get your ideas to spread, and where great ideas come from.

The event is happening today (Wednesday, February 3rd, 2020) at 9 am (EST).

If you’ve never been on Clubhouse, there are some things that you need to know:

  • The platform is new. It’s scaling fast. This might crash and burn. This is a test.
  • It’s a social audio platform (which is a new concept for many). Yes, Rahaf, Laura, and I will be moderating, but everyone can (and should) contribute to the dialogue.
  • Think of it like talk radio, but everyone can talk… and all at once (thankfully, Rahaf and Laura are skilled moderators).
  • The platform currently only works for iPhone users (Android and desktop versions should be coming soon).
  • Clubhouse is currently by invite only. I have a few guest invites, so if you’re interested please send me a private message and I will do my best to hook you up.
  • The chat should last for around an hour (it will probably stumble on after that).
  • If you just want to listen in, you can… but it’s more fun to hear from many diverse voices.

So, are you Clubhouse curious? Join us: Thinkers∞ – A Clubhouse Conversation For Big Idealists.

And, feel free to follow me over there: mitchjoel.

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