Apple's Brand Is Powerful

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The true power of a Super Brand is now upon us. When the nerd at the Apple store is getting a shot at more leg than the jock, you know Jobs and the Apple people truly are making a “dent” in the world.
Thanks to the always poignant music/generation editorial ranting of Bob Lefsetz, I read the article, Geek Gods, from today’s New York Post and was blown away by where branding is taking us in a world where many feel more inclined to follow the No Logo mantra.
Here’s the intro of the New York Post article, Geek Gods, written by Laura J. Vogel and Sara Stewart:
“His name is Carlos. He’s cute, in that rumpled Williamsburg-geeky way. And he’s smart, really smart – you can tell the instant you meet him. Sitting across from you at the blond-wood bar, looking deeply into your eyes, he gently confides: ‘I think you’re going to need a new battery.’… Single women are having their rescue fantasies fueled by the surprisingly chatty, sociable Mac daddies, some of whom look more like members of the Strokes than the cast of ‘Revenge of the Nerds.'”
Lefsetz’ email also includes this gem from “a thirtysomething female friend”:
“The demise of the jock getting the Homecoming Queen is upon us. Ah, the times they ‘have a changed’ indeed. If my generation was only so forward-thinking, those former cheerleaders would be rolling in IPO money now instead of the dirty laundry of their weekend warrior pot-bellied former jocks husbands.”
Apple is getting past making a dent… sounds more like deep probing to me. Regardless of iPod sales being down or not.