Andy Curran On This Month’s Groove – The No Treble Podcast

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Andy Curran is this month’s conversation on Groove – The No Treble Podcast.

You can listen the new episode right here: Groove – The No Treble Podcast – Episode #91 – Andy Curran.

Who is Andy Curran?

My career in the music industry started in the late 80s. Andy Curran, is like that best friend in your life that you can’t ever remember meeting, because they have always been there. When I first met Andy, he was already recording as a solo artist under the name, Curran. Prior to that, the Canadian rock musician was known as the co-lead singer for famed band, Coney Hatch. From recognition on television and in the media to award winning recorded and live performances, Andy went on to form bands like Soho 69 Caramel, and more recently he’s part of a fascinating new band called, Envy of None, with Rush guitarist, Alex Lifeson. Envy of None marks Lifeson’s return to music following the tragic passing of legendary Rush drummer, Neil Peart. But, there is another – equally fascinating – side to Andy. He’s also been a part of the music business since the early 2000s. Andy was friends with longtime Rush manager and Anthem Records owner, Ray Danniels. Ray is the founder of SRO Management and rose to prominence as the manager for Rush, Extreme, King’s X, Van Halen, The Tea Party, and many more. Andy became the A&R rep for Anthem Records and stayed on – working in various capacities – with Rush and and a myriad of other artists. To this day, Andy works with Rush’s Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson on their product endorsement deals and beyond. As if that weren’t enough, Andy has composed and performed music for television, sports leagues and more. The party never ends, and his ability to adapt to the times and discover music genres before they attract the mainstream is fascinating. Enjoy the conversation…

What is Groove – The No Treble Podcast?

This is an ambitious effort. This will be a fascinating conversation. Our goal at Groove is to build the largest oral history of bass players. Why Groove? Most of the content about the bass revolves around gear, playing techniques, and more technical chatter. For us, bassists are creative artists with stories to tell. They are a force to be reckon with. These are the stories and conversation that we will capture. To create this oral history of why these artists chose the bass, what their creative lives are like, and where inspiration can be found.

Listen in: Groove – The No Treble Podcast – Episode #91 – Andy Curran.

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