An Idea Whose Time Has Come – National Digital Media Day

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I wonder how quickly I would have found out about National Digital Media Day were it not for Twitter?

I love this idea. Here’s the scoop, straight from the wiki (where else?):

"An annual day to raise the profile of the digital media industry and celebrate the dynamic work taking place in this sector.

In Canada, a massive cross-country event that will include gatherings, lobbying, education and celebrations. In other countries, linked in celebrations and demo camps.

Let’s Get Organized Together…

Over a 24 hour period, we’d like to have demo and bar camps across Canada, exchanges, a national photo walk, streaming sessions, lobbying and partying, with hopefully some celebrity participation along the way…

Here’s a few things you can do right now to help:

– Invite ten friends/colleagues to this group

– Help out with one of the above activities

– Set up a wiki for each of these groups so we can get crackin

– Secure sponsorships for T-shirts, resources and supplies (we would ideally like everyone to wear the same T-shirt design for a 24 hour period to raise profile of our industry)

– Coordinate a t-shirt design competition

– Host a bar or demo camp in your town

This is a purely organic event – meaning, that in order for us to succeed we need mounds of volunteer power. If everyone did just one thing we could blow this out of the water!"

Now, my understanding is that the above copy was taken from the already established Facebook Group viewable/joinable here: National Digital Media Day September 25. 2008. It looks like Lynda Brown from New Media BC is one of the main people taking the lead for this special day on September 25th, 2008.

Just the other day, I was thinking about the power of unconference, and wondering if, maybe, people were getting tired by the sheer volume and availability of the ‘Camp movement. Then, an idea like this strolls across my Google Reader, and I’m back in love with the power of online communities, social networks and how they wind up connecting in the real world all over again.

Lynda, count me (and the Twist Image team) in.

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