Amp'd Mobile Is Ready To Rumble With Mobile Marketing

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The concept of mobile marketing is finally getting its legs. It’s been a long haul and there’s an even longer road ahead. The biggest challenge that the mobile marketing industry faces is bandwidth and carrier cooperation. Plus, customers have to agree that this channel is one in which they wish to be marketed through.
Beyond those hurdles, there are some excellent MVNOs that are breaking new ground (and getting the customers to boot).
I’m a big fan of Amp’d Mobile in the States. I’m not a customer, but I like their marketing, their focus and their features.
Just this week, Amp’d Mobile teamed up with UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship – and Spike TV to stream a live broadcast of Ultimate Fight Night Live over a mobile device. Sounds like that type of technology should be a given in our society, but it’s not.
While Amp’d Mobile’s target market is young males, their presence in the marketplace is forcing all of the carriers to get on board. I was heavily involved in the wireless content space and it became abundantly clear to me that these were not just cell phones. Mobile devices are, more and more, becoming our own personal, portable and primary remote controls. Marketers refer to this space as the third screen and, if things continue to grow as they are, more people will be spending the bulk of their time in front of their mobile devices over TVs and computer monitors.