Adweek Reports: Blogs Growing Into The Ultimate Focus Group

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As the instant personal publishing medium expands, it comes as no surprise that Adweek reported, Blogs Growing Into The Ultimate Focus Group. What seemed like a niche tool for marketers is now getting more powerful as users get in-line (and online) by adding Blogs to their daily diet of news fixes.
It should then come as less of a surprise that when U.S. Cellular wanted to promote their latest calling plan that they engaged their “youth-focused ad agency,” G Whiz, who listened to what their potential customers were saying by following key Blogs.
According to Adweek, the feedback showed “just how attached young adults are to their phones.”
While that conclusion may not be so dramatic, what is important here is that marketing companies are no longer trying to figure out ways to get people read their Blogs, instead they’re listening to key Blogs and are creating programs that would match those profiles. Freaky.
The article is available for subscribers to Adweek here: Blogs Growing Into The Ultimate Focus Group.