Advertising Age Gives You The Search Marketing Fact Pack 2006

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This is a cool freebie. Ad Age is offering a fifty-page-plus guidebook called Search Marketing Fact Pack 2006.
Here’s what you get:
“For example, on page 38 we detail 12 search-engine optimization strategies for 2007 – you should know that adding tags, wikis and RSS to the content on your site can do wonders for your website’s search rankings. Or track the life of a search on page 30 with a case study of the term ‘HDTV.’ Or check out the cool eye-tracking study detailed on page 40 to see what search marketers mean when they talk about the ‘Golden Triangle.’
Additionally, Ad Age presents its first ranking of search advertising agencies. That ranking, based on estimated revenue generated by SEM/SEO operations, presents the top 20 agencies, which you’ll find on pages 48-49. Of course, if you’re already lost with all this talk of SEM and SEO, you might want to skim the glossary on page 45 first.”
Yup – lots of good goodies. I’ve got it saved to the desktop and will be reviewing it shortly.
Grab it here: Advertising Age – Search Marketing Fact Pack 2006.