Adam Alter On The Anatomy Of A Breakthrough – This Week’s Six Pixels of Separation Podcast

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Episode #888 of Six Pixels of Separation – The ThinkersOne Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to

It’s always exciting to have Adam Alter back on the show. Adam is the scholarly sherpa navigating the neural networks of New York University‘s Stern School of Business. As an acclaimed Professor of Marketing and Robert Stansky Teaching Excellence Faculty Fellow, he finds his second academic home in NYU’s Psychology Department. Adam, however, is not confined to the halls of academia. He’s also a celebrated author whose ink has graced the pages of three bestsellers, exploring the compelling world of behavioral addiction, subconscious influences and how to get unstuck. In his book Irresistible, Adam delves into our modern-day addiction epidemic, examining the compulsive behaviors attached to our smartphones, the internet, video games, and online shopping. Meanwhile, Drunk Tank Pink peels back the layers of our environment, unveiling the hidden forces that shape our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Adam’s genius lies in his unique approach to social psychology and decision-making. He shines a spotlight on the surprising impacts of subtle environmental cues on human cognition and behavior. His fascinating findings have claimed their space in numerous academic journals and media outlets worldwide. His latest book (which I devoured), Anatomy of a Breakthrough, promises to free us from the shackles of our mind’s inertia. Whether it’s a midlife crisis, writer’s block, or a stagnant job, we all face friction that stymies our growth. But Adam’s solution, the friction audit, could be the key to unlocking our full potential. By conquering friction in our heart (emotions), head (thoughts), and habit (behaviors), we can course-correct our journey to success. Through this brilliant blend of scientific research, personal stories, and inspiring examples, Adam reassures us: getting stuck is not a glitch, but a feature on the road to thriving. With the right strategies, we can all reach our loftiest goals. So, are you ready to break free? Before we do, I’m also honored that Adam is one of our Thinkers on the ThinkersOne platform. Want to add big smarts to your meeting? Get personalized video experiences from top Thinkers like Adam to surprise and inspire your team – in-person, hybrid, or virtual! Enjoy the conversation… .

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