A Tale Of Two Blog Cities

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It was an interesting day in the media. There was lots of Blog talk and how the public is taking to the new medium.
First off, ClickZ writer, Gary Stein, gave us: No Blogs Next Year, then Aline van Duyn from the Financial Times gave us: Media Deals Push Blogs Into The Mainstream.
So what’s the final outcome? I think Stein had the best quote. It was taken from Phil Kaplan – the guy behind the Fast Company spin-off F’d Company (Kaplan was all about how things were falling apart) – when asked for his thoughts on Blogs:
“In my day,” he said “we called them Websites.”
I like a lot of things about the Blog space. Most specifically, I enjoy the ability to write and publish on the fly. I’ve called it “personal instant publishing” or “instant personal publishing” since I first came across Blogs. It is the promise of what a website was supposed to be – a fast and effective way to publish.
So whether you think that there won’t be Blogs in a year or if media conglomerates will continue to leverage this form of content is irrelevant. In the end, it is a new publishing medium that will only be enhanced as audio (Podcasting) and video (Vlogging or video casting) becomes more ubiquitous.
More on those two opportunities soon.