A New Golden Age For Television

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Brands are all hot over the Internet and digital marketing, but is television entering into a new golden age?

From a purely content and technology perspective, there is no doubt that television has evolved at a rapid pace in the past decade. Some might argue that this was a needed shift in a world where the Internet has captivated the world’s attention, while other’s might argue that this is the natural evolution of the medium. Regardless, it’s impossible not to consider TV as a primary media channel.

Thinking differently about television.

Charlie Rose pulled together an amazing panel to discuss the current state of the television and where this is all going. Joining Rose on The Current State of Television is:

If you’re in the media and marketing business, you should spend a few minutes watching this:

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  1. I agree with the power of television. But, and this is a BIG but, I just watched two pre-recorded NFL games today and DVR’d through all of the commercials. That saved me hours since most games have only 11 minutes of action.
    OK, but, again, a but… according to Nielsen’s cross-platform report for Q3 of 2012 (recent enough) — the great majority of TV is still viewed live. So, go figure.
    So, yeah, TV (in all of its incarnations) will be around for a long time and those 50 year old creative directors should continue to be employable.

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