A Little Help From My Friends… So Please Help!

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Giving. It’s what I do. I’m thankful to serve you. 

I had dinner the other week with someone who is very successful. They use content marketing as a way to sell millions of dollars worth of online courses, mastermind sessions and more. Most people who dig deep into Six Pixels of Separation and the decade-plus of content that I have created, are shocked that I don’t even ask for anybody’s email address. We might do things like this in the future, but right now (and for the past decade), it has always been about one thing: growing the knowledge, skills and education in our industry. I want to make digital marketing the primary way that brands connect with consumers and vice-versa. There is no backend to this. 

I’ve made a ton of friends. We have built a great community. 

I have seen people who started out their careers by reading the words here (or listening to the podcast), and now they have become true leaders. There is nothing more gratifying. 

Today, I need your help. Today, I am asking you to help and to step up. 

Back in 2010, my best friend called to let me know that his five year old daughter, Leah, had cancer… leukemia. My world collapsed. A few weeks prior she was at my kid’s birthday party, laughing, playing… perfect. Now… leukemia? It was – without a question – one of the hardest moments in my life… trying to understand, and take in what my best friend was telling me about his daughter… who I would treat as my own daughter, in terms of love and care. I went into a tailspin. Leah’s courage throughout this nightmare is what pulled everyone through – family and friends. If there were ever a definition for the word “survivor” it is Leah. After a lengthy and hard battle, she is – thankfully – in remission, and back home where she belongs: with her family and friends. She is happily in remission.

She’s lucky, but many, many people are not this lucky.

As you know, not everyone is lucky like Leah. A strong percentage of children diagnosed with AML don’t make it. Sadly, a boy who went to school with my child passed away after two relapses at the age of five. I can’t fathom what this family has gone through. We think of him and his family often. There are many stories. Many people trying to raise money. Like I said, it’s never easy to ask. But I am asking you. For the sixth year in a row, I will taking part in the Light The Night fundraising campaign. The walk will take place on Saturday, October 15th. Our team, Leah’s Helpers, has raised over $300,000.00 and been one of the most prolific teams in the history of the walk.

I am asking you to help me support this noble cause. 

I do my best to put out lots of content every week. This makes it close to five thousand entries over the years. This isn’t about me raising money. It’s about our kids and the randomness and cruelty that is leukemia and because none of us are safe. 

Please help.

I set a goal of $5000 to raise from friends and family. I do realize that times are tough, and many of us are watching our wallets just a little bit closer than we usually have, but please consider giving something. If over the years, any of my content has struck a chord with you, made you smile, made you see your business world in a different way, I hope that you will consider this ask as the “tip jar” for my thoughts.

If you can find it in your heart to give, please do so right here: Light The Night Walk.

How about a little giver’s gain?

As a “thank you,” here’s what I am offering:

  • Whoever donates the most money gets me for a one-hour get together. It can be via Skype, phone or in-person (meaning, if you’re in Montreal or if I happen to be travelling to wherever it is that you live). It will be a social meeting, but you can feel free to ask me anything. Lunch is on me. I’ll also include a signed copy of Six Pixels of Separation and CTRL ALT Delete.
  • Whoever comes in next will get a signed copy of Six Pixels of Separation and CTRL ALT Delete, plus a business book bundle that I will, personally, curate.
  • I will also do a random draw and give away three pairs of  ”special” tickets to The Art Of… event of your choice. This is just the tickets, so you will have to handle travel, accommodations, etc…

Now, it’s your turn. Please help out. Thank you.