A Foolproof Way To Building A Great Story

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If you are in business and you are trying to tell your story, you have to watch this.

I am thrilled that Steven Pressfield decided to post these two videos on YouTube. I’m a huge Pressfield fan (you can listen to my conversation with him right here: SPOS #251 – Do The Work With Steven Pressfield). He has written a slew of great books, including, The Legend Of Bagger Vance. I’m an even bigger fan of Pressfield’s non-fiction writing, which typically focuses on unlocking creativity, becoming a better writer and telling better stories. Most people know Pressfield for his seminal books, The War of Art and Do The Work. Those are two books that I constantly find myself reverting back to and re-reading on an annual basis (yes, they are that good). In building up to the release of his most recent book, The Authentic Swing (which is a non-fiction tale about how he discovered and developed the book idea for The Legend of Bagger Vance), Pressfield shot a small video series on something he describes as the Foolscap Method. In short, take one sheet of paper and use it to illustrate the entire story and flow of a book, an idea, a startup, your business, whatever. In a word: amazing.

Watch this, learn Pressfield’s strategy and then let me know just how much better and more structured your work becomes…


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this Joel! I tend to get lost in the details so this is an excellent reminder to map. Keeping it on one page adds the boundaries that some of us need 🙂

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