A Blog Is Like Lemmy From Motorhead

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My past is coming back to haunt me. I spent many years as a music writer. In fact, my first professional journalism gig was interviewing Tommy Lee from Motley Crue in 1989 as The Crue was about to release Dr. Feelgood. It was a sweet ride. I got the chance to really learn, understand and take part in the music business.
During that time, I had the opportunity to interview Lemmy from Motorhead. Within the rock circle, Lemmy is the equivalent of Jesus. A true pioneer. But, unlike most rock stars, Lemmy has a couple of really big warts on his face, very greasy hair and truly lives the “sex, drugs and rock n’ roll lifestyle.” Basically, he says and does what he wants and never answers to anyone but himself.
A Blog can’t be Bon Jovi. A Blog is much more like Lemmy.
You can get away with mis-spelled words, non-precise grammar and it’s supposed to have more of a stream-of-consciousness flow to it. A Blog is the glory of a personal voice – warts and all. That is why people are gravitating toward them. Deep down, we want companies to speak our language. We’re tired of jargon. We’re zoning out when we hear phrases like “best of breed” or “end to end solution.” We want to know that business cares about us and treasures our loyalty. We want more… and we’re starting with a conversation that has a human voice behind it.
A Blog is Lemmy. It’s become brand democratization letting corporations know that the chase is better than the catch.
Blogs – loud, fast and rude – warts and all.
Like Lemmy.

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  1. i love motorhead they are one of my fav heavy metal bands. i cant wait to see them at the hangout music festival. its going to be amazing.

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