A Better Digital Experience

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That is the promise of augmented reality.

It still sounds like science fiction, and the masses did not all run out to buy Google Glass. Before you go and dismiss this newer batch of augmented reality technology that is coming, ask yourself this: what if technology connected us more deeply with our surroundings (and one another), instead of distracting us from what’s in front of our eyes? What if we could create and work on projects that have been on a two-dimensional screen, but are now transformed into in a real three-dimensional environment? Remember Tony Stark (or Iron Man) in the movies? What if we could move and work on digital objects with more natural and human gestures, voice and facial movements? One of the stand-out presentations at this past year’s TED conference was Meron Gribetz (Founder and CEO of Meta). Meron believes that this is the future, and his augmented reality headset looks set to make it a reality. Below is his TED Talk (which was just published today). It is a real-live demo. I know this, because I had the opportunity to demo the actual headset during my time at the TED conference, and it was another one of those transformational moments for me (much like the first time I used a computer in the 80s, got connected through a modem, downloaded the first Web browser, saw a mobile phone, etc…). I have no doubt that augmented reality (and virtual reality) are the next platforms we will use. I also have no doubt – that sometime soon in the future – we will all agree that this is the ideal digital experience. Don’t believe me?

Watch this: TED – A glimpse of the future through an augmented reality headset with Meron Gribetz.