4 Ways To Spark Your Creativity

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Have you ever had a tough lesson in creativity?

The book, Spark – How Creativity Works, by Julie Burstein changed a lot of things for me – especially the way I think about creativity. To say that reading Burstein’s book was a treat would be an understatement. I had the pleasure of having a one-on-one conversation with Burstein after her TED Talk that took place this past year (you can listen to our conversation here: SPOS #297 – The Hard Work Of Creativity With Julie Burstein). The entire experience enabled me to fill a Moleskine up with ideas not just about my agency, Twist Image, but about where ideas, inspiration and yes, even these words, come from. Since that time, we’ve become fast friends and stay in touch as often as possible.

Creativity is everybody’s business.

Everybody is creative. Everybody needs to be thinking more about their creativity. Everybody needs to be implementing more creativity in their work. Beyond that, expanding your horizons and digging for creativity in your life is a worthy pursuit. This week, TED released Burstein’s talk titled, 4 Lessons In Creativity. It is under twenty minutes. It is well-worth your attention.

Are you looking for that spark? Watch this…

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  1. Great video. Julie is a sharp thinker. It’s a weird thing that thinking about creativity and being creative are two different things. Julie manages to do both. Thanks for sharing the video.

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