1. “The New Book by Mitch Joel; “Six Pixels of Separation”:
    ‘Bosses, Children, and How They Do Not Inspire Me?’
    This is a book that was perfect in the strict sense of relationships with a prodigious and strong author. This is about the book, and through the self-connections of business, and the reality of the world, come through, in and of, created entrepreneurial values.
    This was, in self-entrepreneurial and inventive types of language- a form that I have always learned, in how, this is, a new face, of business. I would just like to compliment, a true genius, in the entrepreneurship and complimentary intelligent and successful writer, in the ways of the two, and both: 1. quintessential man, and 2. a creationist as the prodigy, and how this is, of one.
    The ways, that the common business book, can look like, a new form, is similar, to philosophy and science, and about, how, in these ways, there is distinction. From these, a conclusion, is similar to that, of the author. This is the conclusion, that all books, are definitely not the same.
    This is how the business world, is about, the concrete, and all, the great and big, ones of progress, through the money system, and the banking world. In and through this, it has likely, and imaginative ways, of very own opinions, of what is this: the reader’s impressionistic responses, symbolizing one of the pixels, and all, of necessity. These, are always good, through the language of cash, and the reward, and of the motivation, of the good, of knowing. These ways, that are from, this book, are what seemed to read as, and what is and what was about the greater golden mean. All, is of, the creationist outcome, in terms, of the worldly, in what is all, and all, is just one line after another, of compromise.
    This is a common task, that is good, and always right, for the newly built endeavor. This is what is, to commonly create, and to think about, and research, what was common, for you, and your life. This is through, the lesson of what is about business.
    This is about, the making of the boss, and excellence, of the author, to give to the entire audience, of the bookstore, and the reader, to make things, good, and respectable, in the impulse of buying, and the lesser, of talking.
    These, are about what is about to happen with the economy, and what is, happening with the mind of mine. This is in the sense, of the business world where conceptualizations, and the gestures, of a modern linguist, on business, is like a real creation, of an ego, and a disciplined position, and person.
    What, this is about, seems just like new, as common as a man was, and in, or the real necessary outcome, of survival, and the risen economy, with our focus, on new and smart, people, instead, of realness. This is creations that are similar in quintessential knowing, to that of which, is about, the businesses in the world, that are essentially, all and in specific, completely ‘losing the touch’.
    All, with the true ways, that honors, and praises works, are about the way, that good thinking, and ways of intelligent design, are intelligent. These ways, that it was read, were, almost a entrepreneurial venture, of all of its own. This was “perfect”.
    The creativity, was likely, to be equal to mine, which is why I distinguished, this from the other, business books, in the store. These are like you have already written it and how one witnessed, mastery, as also ethics of what business “tries to explain”, in terms of oneness, that is not part, of intelligence.
    Yet, part of this, is all good, and in space, and matter, come smaller and more accurate, business endeavors. These, are of man, and who prides himself, on the blog, is common opinion.
    This is out to, being in and, following through, with matters, of good, and how this works, on businesses.
    This is also about the blog, and how you invented this, and inspired this, in me. You gave, the business world, all of the new types, of thoughts, on the common man, especially, the new face of, the “blog”. This, is the new giant, of literature, that comes to us, in a small, yet incredible, form.
    Honestly, like infomercials, I did not like the debt of the economy, until this was awakened, in the reality, of the mind and body, of the book, that is simpler and better, than Gandhi, or Buddha, or Allah, or even, Nostradamus . In, this reading, there was, for me, where this is, and where this was, a conceptualization, of the new business, that was, in the spirit, of the business world, and in a new and improved, and mindless reality. These are terms, that are, but are not, in a reality, that I could win, seeking with, and eventually, completely understanding, your overall conclusion, on the mean of the world, and part of the move, of simple things. This was my first business book, to have ever read, or have, ever, even purchased. But, I know that this is smart enough, and I am more advanced. What I thought, was enough, known as the “business language”, is from now on, an advanced, and new language, that will perfect, any and all of business and reality. This is with one simple, and good, outcome. This is cold, hard, cash. Thank you for opening my eyes.
    I am one of your big fans now, and in this book, but also through, the distance, there is where I would like to congratulate you. This is in the context of possibly, talking about, your book. Also, and with another note, there is a way, that I can talk. This is through the blog. A book again, if and then, since there is no chances, of us, meeting, there, is also, and in the context, a new company, and new type of person.
    Thanks. To Mitch Joel, from another entrepreneur, and fellow author, yet of philosophy, religion, poetry, and all of the above, except for business. I have written many books, and none so clarifying, as the coordinating books, that I have mastered, with just one of yours. It makes me sad to think that the whole world has gone mad. This is just when you make another point. I have justified, with this book, my business endeavor.

  2. My wife recently started teaching part-time for the first time and her first comment was the fact that her students seemed to be in cyberspace all the time. Digital Nation really put things in perspective for her and plans to change some of her teaching methods soon, thanks for the link!

  3. Your post was well timed. I signed up for the Smartbrief on social media newsletter just hours before I saw your post.
    Thanks for keeping us up to date!

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