2006 IABC International Conference To Feature The It Factor

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I just got the confirmation that from June 4th – 7th in Vancouver I will be presenting The It Factor at the 2006 IABC International Conference. IABC is the International Association Of Business Communicators.
Here’s how the IABC website describes their annual conference:
“The IABC International Conference is the leading international forum of its kind. More than 1,400 business communication professionals – decision makers in leading industries around the world – gather annually to learn the latest developments and best practices in communication and make connections that will advance their communication programs and careers.”
My presentation is taking place on Tuesday, June 6th from 10:00 am – 11:15 am.
Here is the full description:
“The It Factor: Very Good Is Bad – Be Remarkable! (Marketing & Brand)
You know it when you see ‘it.’ iPods, Hotmail, Google all have ‘It.’ The ‘It’ factor transforms nondescript concepts into something so simple and brilliant that people not only buy your brand, but also join it. Learn how to turn your marketing initiatives and opportunities into something people will talk about, remember, use and tell everyone else about.
This session will discuss:
– Brands and products that may have the ‘It’ factor, like Google’s new Gmail, Ziploc bags, Harley Davidson and more.
– The three laws of The It Factor and the 10 elements that everyone who has ‘It’ already knows.
– The six tactical techniques anyone can use to define and create their own ‘It’ factor.
Presenter – Mitch Joel – Quebec, Canada, President of Twist Image – Multimarketing Studio, considered one of the top 500 most creative organizations worldwide. A marketing and communication visionary, interactive expert and blogger, Joel is highly regarded as a speaker on branding and what’s next.”
If you are on the west coast, I hope you’ll join me. Here are the links you’ll need:
2006 IABC International Conference Website.
2006 IABC International Conference – Registration.