12 Great Business Books Coming Your Way

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Looking forward to reading about what’s next?

It turns out that there are a slew of new business books heading our way. In scanning through the Amazon Kindle store, I just spent a small fortune ordering some new books from some of my favorite thinkers. Here’s a list (in alphabetical order).

I’ll wait, go get your credit cards…

  1. Amazing Things Will Happen by C.C. Chapman. My good friend, C.C. Chapman (who co-authored Content Rules with Ann Handley) is back with his first solo effort. Is success and happiness something attainable? C.C. thinks so, and he’s going to map it out in this book> It comes out in December 2012.
  2. Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. The man who brought us the The Black Swan and Fooled By Randomness is back with a book about how some things actually benefit from disorder. Sounds like chaos is good. This one comes out in November 2012.
  3. Can’t Buy Me Like by Bob Garfield and Doug Levy. Doug is a friend of mine (he’s the founder of imc2 – now called MEplusYOU), and when he told me that he is co-authoring a book with famed ad critic, Bob Garfield, my jaw dropped to the floor. I’m a huge Garfield fan (check out The Chaos Scenario) and this is sure to be a great read. Authenticity in marketing? Yes, these two are tackling it head-on. This book is coming out in March 2013.
  4. The Commitment Engine by John Jantsch. The man behind Duct Tape Marketing is back with his latest book. It’s a gem. In this day and age, if you can’t get a commitment from customers, what will the future hold? John has some amazing perspective. So, if you like Duct Tape Marketing and The Referral Engine, this one will be right up your alley. This book comes out in October 2012.
  5.  The Fate of Power and the Future of Dignity by Jaron Lanier. One of the original thinkers around virtual reality, Lanier caused a stir with his last book, You Are Not A Gadget. This one sounds just as meaty. This book is coming out in March 2013.
  6. Future Perfect by Steven Johnson. The latest from the mind that brought us Where Good Ideas Come From, The Invention of Air, Everything Bad Is Good For You and more. In two words: can’t wait! Can the political system change and adapt not because of technology but as a by-product of the change? Johnson thinks so. This book comes out in September 2012.
  7. The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin. I devour everything Seth puts out. This book is already a massive hit based on his Kickstarter project (check it out here: Kickstarter – The Icarus Deception). Is your work the art that you were meant to create? That’s the topic of this business book, and I can’t wait to deep dive into it! This book comes out in December 2012.
  8. The Impact Equation by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith. My two close friends (and the guys behind Trust Agents) are back from their solo book writing ventures with this one. I’ve had a sneak peak and, just like Trust Agent, this one is going to turn some heads and rocket to the top of the bestsellers’ charts. Getting ideas to spread is one thing. Getting ideas to stick is another. This book comes out in October 2012.
  9. The Launch Pad by Randall Stross. I’ve been fascinated with Y Combinator for a long while. This book is a peek behind the magic of this Silicon Valley startup incubator. This book comes out in September 2012.
  10. Makers by Chris Anderson. Wired Magazine‘s main man and author of The Long Tail and Free is back with this new book about the future of manufacturing and the creation of products in a very different world. This book will be out in October 2012.
  11. The Power of Why by Amanda Lang. Amanda is one of the smartest pundits when it comes to business think. She can (and does!) go toe-to-toe with the best of them. Where does success come from? According to Amanda’s upcoming book, it’s as simple as getting good at asking "why?" This book comes out in October 2012.
  12. To Sell Is Human by Dan Pink. I had no idea that Dan had another book coming out, so this one put a massive smile on my face. Like Seth Godin, I devour everything Dan does. His previous books, Drive, A Whole New Mind and Free Agent Nation are among my personal favorites. This book comes out in December 2012.

Some gems… I know. What books are you looking forward to reading?


  1. Anxiously awaiting the release of CTRL+ALT+DELETE 🙂
    Thanks for the list Mitch, it’s great to have so much great work to look forward to reading.

  2. A great list and thanks to you my wallet is a bit lighter as I had to pre-order some of these as well.
    And a big hug for including my next book here. That means the world to me and made my morning.

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